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CQC – Why We Clean To It’s Guidelines

Businesses and services providing public care rely on cleaning companies who will keep them compliant with standards laid out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

CQC is the independent regulatory body that monitors and regulates health and social care in England.

Doctors, dentists, clinics and care homes are among the community care providers required to adhere to CQC standards to remain operational.

Media reports in recent years have revealed the grizzly details of what happens when institutions fail to meet CQC standard of cleanliness and care, including closures, ruined reputations, and vulnerable people being left without services they urgently need.

These reports in the media have driven the public to demand and expect better standards of service. People searching for care providers are turning to CQC reports and ratings to lead their choice – ratings that scale from, “outstanding” and “good”, to, “requires improvement” and, “inadequate”.

The regulatory burden of cleanliness for surgeries, clinics and dental practices can be relieved by a regular CQC-compliant clean, as part of the CQC required, “Well Led” standards. But how to find a commercial cleaning company you can really trust to keep you CQC-compliant?


Questions to ask when looking for a commercial cleaning service that is CQC compliant:

  • Are they aware of CQC cleaning standards?
  • Do they have a rigorous training program for new employees that trains them to understand client expectations?
  • Do they provide staff with the tools needed to exceed client expectations?
  • Are they professional looking – i.e. do they wear uniforms? (a sign that they take pride in what they do)
  • Do they use environmentally sound chemicals?

UK Cleaning guarantees quality assurance because we work to the CQC cleaning standards –  something we take great pride in – affording you peace of mind as a provider, or a consumer. Our services are customer-centric as well as great value for money. And, our values match those of the CQC, including excellence, integrity, and teamwork.