Hygiene Myths You Should Stop Believing Toilet cleaning

4 Hygiene Myths You Should Stop Believing

Here at UK Cleaning, we are, of course, always focusing on keeping things clean and healthy for our clients. However, there is still some confusion over what certain bacteria can actually do to us on a daily basis. Is it wrong to be too careful? What hygiene ‘facts’ are actually myths in disguise?

We always advise that you take sensible care with hygiene, especially in a commercial or working environment. However, in this guide, we are going to bust some myths that you should really start thinking differently about!

There is No ‘5 Second Rule’

We’ve all heard this one – that if you drop food on the floor, it will be free from germs for up to 5 seconds. This has been completely disproved a number of times. Studies undertaken by researchers in recent years, in fact, found that germs and bacteria head for food within a second of them hitting the floor. Therefore, if you drop any food, it is probably a good idea to throw it away.

Cold Water Kills Germs Just as Well as Hot

Research into E.coli bacteria and hand washing has found, surprisingly, that cold water may be just as good as hot water when it comes to killing off germs. While this study may only look at one particular type of bacteria – one that wasn’t infectious for safety reasons – it does indicate that, providing you wash your hands full stop, you probably won’t have to worry about the temperature. It’s also been found that washing for longer removes more germs.

Toilet Seats Aren’t as Germy as You Think

There are all sorts of myths and worries out there about toilet seats. Despite the rumours you may have heard, there is no evidence to suggest you’ll ever contract STDs or anything else particularly nasty from a seat. The fact is, most germs will die fairly soon after hitting the seat at all. There are bugs, however, which can spread after flushing, though protecting seats with covers will do little to help you. The best thing to do, as always, is to wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet!

Antibiotics Can’t Cure Everything

When you’re ill, it may be tempting to ask your doctor for antibiotics to bring you back to health. The fact of the matter is, however, that antibiotics are only going to help with bacterial infections. Viral infections, such as the common cold and influenza, are resistant against such medicine. There has been growing concern in recent years that antibiotics are being prescribed and taken when they really shouldn’t be. Listen to your doctor and your pharmacist – there sadly isn’t a wonder pill to cure all!

Practice Good Hygiene

The fact of the matter is, there is still so much we don’t know about germs and hygiene. What we do know, however, is that good habits breed good health. Is your workplace in need of regular cleaning and hygienic attention? Call UK Cleaning today on 0800 002 5001 for a free quote, or email us via info@ukcleaning.co.uk