Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy is a cornerstone on which we have built the business from day one. Our view is that by spending a little time and effort, we can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of both ourselves and our customers.

To do this, we have implemented many methods at various levels of the company structure:

Stationery and supplies

We try to keep our office as paper free as practically possible, wherever this is not the case, we print on sustainably sourced paper (this includes all promotional literature) and whenever there is any sort of waste, we recycle.



By clustering our customers in close geographical locations, we are able to reduce fuel consumption between premises.


We encourage our clients to receive invoices via email and carry out online payments, this not only reduces the use of paper but makes things fast and easy.

Where customers request hard copies of communications, promotional material, invoices, receipts etc. they are always printed on FSC sourced paper (sustainable forests).

Improving recycling/minimising waste

Wherever possible, we encourage our customers to recycle and are on hand to provide solutions if required.



All of our chemicals are sourced from ISO 14001 accredited companies meaning that they have a fully functional environmental management system in place.

Website servers

Our web hosts take great responsibility in reducing their energy consumption and are now on The Green Grid which helps raise energy efficiency in data centres. In 2008 they also became carbon-neutral due to CO2-free energy from their providers.


We use hundreds of vacuum cleaners each evening and so a small amount of power saving on each, can make a huge difference overall. Since May 2011, we have been trialling the new Numatic NuSave vacuum cleaners. With modern engineering, these vacuums are quieter, have higher Eco performance levels and the AutoSave function reduces the default amount of power delivered.

The Future

Continuous improvement

The hardest thing for a lot of companies is to keep these systems in place over long periods, so it is not only important to look for new and innovative ways in which to reduce carbon output but to be consistent in doing so.