Nursery, School and College Cleaning

School cleaning is more than simply making classrooms look acceptable, or disposing of rubbish, professional cleaning helps promote community health, wellness, and safety.

For nursery, school, college and higher educational institutions, cleaning is one of the first defences against sickness and disease and because these buildings are havens for flu, virus, and bacteria, it is imperative that they are thoroughly cleaned.

UK Cleaning provides a trusted and professional school cleaning service that not only provides cleaning to a high standard but we do it in a way that is efficient and as a result, can save you money.

Why Choose UK Cleaning?

Well-Managed Cleaners

When you join us, you are provided with a dedicated Contract Manager who makes sure that every aspect of your cleaning runs smoothly.

Affordable Prices

With prices starting from just £10.50/hr for larger contracts you receive the best value for money without compromising quality.

All-in-one Service

Chemicals and equipment are all supplied as part of one fixed monthly price so you’ll never have an unexpected surprise when the invoice arrives.

Fully Insured

Public and products liability insurance covers us for up to £5 million so you’re in safe hands.

24 Hour Service

We operate a 24 hour service so that we fit in with your business requirements.

Bespoke Cleaning Schedules

During the quotation, we work with you to create a cleaning schedule (and service) that is perfectly tailored to your office.

“The UK Cleaning team are pleasant to deal with and thorough in their cleaning. They are very attentive – it is never a problem if we require them to perform extra duties.

I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a high level of cleaning at affordable prices.”

What Happens When You Book a Quote

1One of our experienced team will call to confirm the meeting details

2That team member will come to view your buildings and discuss your unique requirements

3Within 1 week, we will send you a full proposal with transparent costings

Where We Provide Educational Cleaning

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