Plug for vacuum

5 Things To Consider When Planning An Office From A Cleaners Perspective

When you have an office fitout, it's a great time to think about how you can make life easier for the cleaners because if you make their lives easier, things get more efficient and that means you get more cleaning for your buck. So here are our top 5 tips on things to bear in mind when planning the design of your new office:

Plug for vacuum

1. Install lots of plugs!

This is self explanatory, the more plugs there are, the easier it is for the cleaners to plug in their vacuums but what might not be so obvious is that it's good practice to get circuit protected plugs so that if the vacuum causes a surge for whatever reason, it wont kill your computers.

tap for mop bucket

2. Install taps specifically for the cleaners

Again, this seems obvious but the number of times that there are no taps installed for the cleaners is amazing. These taps should be above a sink that gives enough room to get a mop bucket in and be both hot and cold.

tap for mop bucket

3. Perspex below hand driers

Putting a Perspex or glass sheet below a hand dryer will save your wall from looking mucky and takes just a couple of seconds to wipe down each day. It will keep your freshly painted wall looking as good as the day it was painted.

Cleaning cupboard

4. Cupboard space

The cleaners are going to need a fair bit of room to store the mops and buckets but there also needs to be a lockable cupboard where they can store the chemicals, cloths and consumables along with all of the associated health and safety, risk assessments and COSHH information.

tap for mop bucket

5. Centralised bins

Rather than having one bin per desk, put a larger bin at the end of each bank of desks. It may seem like a small thing but each evening it will save around 10 seconds per desk and in a week or month, that time really does mount up.