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Top 10 things to do before your moving day

It’s said that moving house can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. To help calm that stress, we’ve come up with the top ten things you need to get done before you move.

1. Let your utility companies know you’re moving

Contact your gas, water, electricity and internet companies to let them know you are moving house and cancel or transfer your accounts. This is a great time to look for new specials!

2. Forward your mail

Get in touch with the postal service to put a forward on any mail address to your old home, so that you can have it re-directed to your new house.

3. Book your removal company

Call around and get quotes on removal companies before settling on the best one. Make sure you ask them whether they will disassemble your furniture, or whether you need to do this yourself. Also check their online reviews to ensure they are a reputable removal company.

4. Book a cleaning service

We recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to do your final clean to ensure it is left in the best possible condition. Ensure the carpets are steam cleaned, the windows are cleaned and all the hard to clean items such as your oven is cleaned properly.

5. Pack a bag for the short term

Make sure everyone in your family packs a bag of essentials to get them through the first night or two in the new house. You don’t want them having to sort through boxes to find their pyjamas – so take the stress out of the first night in your new home.

6. Put your important documents in a safe place

So often it’s the important documents – such as birth certificates and passports – that get lost in a big move. Store these in a safe place before the removers come. We recommend moving these items yourself in the car.

7. Sort your packing into rooms

The best way to pack is by packing everything that goes in one room into the same box or boxes. For example, all the kitchen drawer utensils should be kept together. Pack up the rooms one by one and label the boxes clearly.

8. Buy or hire all your packing materials

Before you start packing though, you need to make sure you have all your boxes and packing tape ready to go. You can hire moving boxes instead of buying them which will save you money and mean you don’t have to worry about disposing of them after the move.

9. Turn off the water, gas and electricity

Once you have vacated your home, don’t forget to disconnect all the main appliances and services.

10. Email friends

Let your friends and family know you are moving house by dropping them a courtesy email.

Good luck with the big move!

This article was written in conjunction with the Sydney removals company, Hire A Mover