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5 Brilliant Office Hygiene Hacks

We all love a good ‘life hack', don't we? This has become the new term for tips and tricks which can help you cut corners or get better results from everyday activities. While there are plenty of technology and food hacks out there, there are also plenty of great ideas you should be using when it comes to everyday hygiene.

Your office or workplace is going to be teeming with germs. It’s an unfortunate fact! However, there are a few sneaky things you can do to keep yourself well-protected against nasty bacteria moving forward.

Keep Cool for Optimum Health

Keeping cool is obviously going to be a good idea in warm weather. But with warm weather comes plenty of smells, bacteria and personal hygiene problems. Sweating and rashes are two of the worst! However, providing you shower regularly, drink plenty of water, change your clothes each day and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, you will soon be able to beat the heat and keep those nasty summer bacteria back.

Keep Wipes on Your Person

It’s not so easy to keep a clean desk, especially when you find yourself having to eat lunch through working hours. However, this can mean that your workspace becomes a hotbed for nasty bacteria very quickly. Therefore, always stash antibacterial wipes either in your desk or in your work bag. This way, you can confidently wipe down your space as well as your keyboard and mouse at the end of your shift.

Organise a ‘Rubbish Run’

It’s good to try and get your colleagues into good habits. While some people may take more encouragement than others, practising good hygiene is for the sake of everyone's health, not just your own. Piled up rubbish and refuse can breed bacteria. Work together with your team to take it in turns to collect up rubbish every so often. This will mean anything likely to spread nastiness is well out of the way. It may also help to encourage good practice in less fastidious workmates!

Keep Cables Tidy

The more technology we use, the more cables get tangled up. Not only is this an organisational headache, but it can also mean you're likely to see bigger dust buildups. That's because stray wires and cables can be tricky to clean – and many people ignore them! Bundle up or keep your cables together as best you can for ease of cleaning and safety.

Clean Out Communal Drinking Points

It’s probably tempting to leave the coffee machine or water fountain to sit idle for a few days at a time, right? Probably not. Stained, greasy coffee pots and unclean fountains can spread bacteria, and can be more hassle to clean the longer you leave them. Always make sure you clean them down every few days.

Ask for Help!

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